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Travel Agent Professional is a new site devoted to meeting the needs of the Home Based Travel Agent – the heart and soul of today's industry. With columns written by top travel professionals, this online magazine seeks to provide insights into the current travel industry climate and advice on how you can find profit opportunities.

Stories of The Month

Sharing the Differences — Then Creating the Best Experiences for Your Clients

By Cindy Bertram

Cindy's Inside Cruise & Travel Track, LLC

Today people get inundated with so much information on a daily basis. When they’re trying to make a decision about a purchase, they do research online, reach out to others, check online reviews and more. The “information overload” is even truer when it comes to making a decision about taking a trip – whether it’s an ocean or river cruise, a land tour, or domestic and international packages. As travel agent professionals, how do we best differentiate ourselves to our clients, existing ones as well as potential ones, by showing we can reduce that “information overload”? We do that exploratory work with them. By asking questions, and learning more as we listen to their responses? We’re then  able to share the unique differences between these different products and showing what the best fit is for them. The result? We are creating the best travel experiences for our clients.  Read On

Inspirational UK Garden Festivals For Green Fingered Clients

By Paull Tickner

Paull Tickner & Associates Ltd.

 With garden clubs returning to their normal schedule of monthly meetings this month, impress them with a selection of itineraries they will have never seen before? Spice them up with visits led by owners and head gardeners and time the departure to coincide with one of these outstanding horticultural masterpiece shows and festivals. Read On

Are You A Great Agent?

By Mitchell J. Schlesinger

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, 

MJS Consultants,

I read an interesting article about ASTA’s Travel Advisor of the Year award announced at the recent ASTA Global Convention in Washington D.C. This got me thinking about the conversation I had with a travel agent many, many years ago, that led me to pen my series entitled “Clients for Life”, which has appeared here and was a stand-alone chapter in the book I co-authored with Joannie and Tom Ogg. Read On

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