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Travel Agent Professional is a new site devoted to meeting the needs of the Home Based Travel Agent – the heart and soul of today's industry. With columns written by top travel professionals, this online magazine seeks to provide insights into the current travel industry climate and advice on how you can find profit opportunities.

Stories of The Month

Tapping into Selling Luxury Travel Cruising

By Cindy Bertram

Cindy's Inside Cruise & Travel Track, LLC

Today people have diverse “Bucket Lists.” Whether it’s achieving a certain lifestyle, traveling, and going to specific spots and destinations around the world, “Bucket Lists” are things people want to do before they die — things very special to them. Ask someone, “What’s on your bucket list?” and most of the time traveling to a certain destination is on the list. Peoples’ “Bucket Lists” and the experiential side of traveling correlate.  It also ties in well with luxury travel cruising, which continues to grow. What are good ways to tap into selling luxury travel cruising today? 

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A Wonderland of New Travel Experiences

By Paull Tickner

Paull Tickner & Associates Ltd.

With Virgin Atlantic offering Manchester-bound non-stop flights from Atlanta, Boston, New York and San Francisco, take a closer look at some of the inspiring new tours that are available for independent travellers and customised groups beyond the Manchester Gateway

In the past, Manchester Airport has been seen largely as the gateway to the north of England, but as the map shows, it’s also the starting point for a new generation of imaginative tours to Scotland, the Heart of England, North Wales and Ireland. Read On

Tourism New Zealand Waiotapu Champagne Pool, Rotorua Please Credit: Chris McLennan

Your Expertise + Effective Listening Is Critical To Client Satisfaction

By Mitchell J. Schlesinger

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, MJS Consultants,

There are significant developments in the The simplest concept for travel sellers is basically that your livelihood is exclusively dependent on the satisfaction of every client you book on a trip. And this applies to everything from one couple taking a cruise or tour to the largest commercial based agents booking hundreds of business travelers each month.  Read On

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