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Stories of The Month

Building Like, Know & Trust – Then Loyalty Results


By Cindy Bertram

Cindy's Inside Cruise & Travel Track, LLC

With so many diverse ways to search, find and make a purchase today, people have many choices. It’s beyond shopping at just a retail location. Think about a purchase you made recently. What were you looking for, how did you do research, and where did you actually  go to make that purchase?  After making that purchase, were you satisfied? If so, have you made additional purchases there?  Would you recommend this company/person  to your friends and colleagues? As professionals we need to also see ourselves as offering more than just  providing a one-time purchasing experience to a client.  It really gets down to building that “like, know and trust” experience, and then loyalty results.   Read On

Orchids, Tulips, Roses & An Edible Garden


By Paull Tickner

Paull Tickner & Associates Ltd.

I have a long-standing commitment to helping travel counsellors to release the potential from untapped niche markets and although you’re very busy, spare me 5 minutes and draw up a list of people you know who are Master Gardeners: members of Orchid, Rose, Herb and other specialist garden societies: Friends of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta: Landscape gardeners: TV, radio, newspaper and magazine gardening personalities: clients who are members of your local garden Club. Read On

An Ideal Time To Design Marketing & Sales Plans


By Mitchell J. Schlesinger

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, MJS Consultants,

Perhaps the single most over-used business cliché is; “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Over-used or not, it is critically true. August is an ideal time to thoughtfully develop marketing and promotional plans for cruises 18 months into the future.   Read On


Who’s Who... Or Who’s What In This Business

By Les-Lee Roland

Owner of The Package Deal

We’ve all gone through those darn robocalls. Even though I try to block them on my phones, they still are on the increase. And for the few with an actual person on the other line, they get a dose from my new favorite weapon — the whistle I keep next to the phone.  

Read On

How Six Women Executives Steer the Cruise Industry Today


The fast paced growth of the cruise industry, from ocean to river cruising, has also evolved with the addition of women executives leading cruise lines themselves. Today there are several women presidents of cruise lines, one woman who’s a Brand Chairman, and another woman who is a co-founder and co-owner of a river cruise line. In her book, How Six Women Executives Steer the Cruise Industry Today, Cindy Bertram shares the stories of these women executives. How they got into the cruise industry and moved up in their careers, successfully balancing out their personal family life while running a cruise line are key things Cindy covers, with their inspiring stories. Included are  Diane Moore, President, Paul Gauguin Cruises; Ellen Bettridge, President & CEO of Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection®; Edie Rodriguez, Americas Brand Chairman and Corporate Special Advisor, PONANT; Jan Swartz, Group President, Princess Cruises® and Carnival Australia;  Kristin Karst, Executive Vice President and Co-Owner, AmaWaterways™; and Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line®.  How Six Women Executives Steer the Cruise Industry Today is available on Amazon.

Direct link on Amazon to find How Six Women Executives Steer the Cruise Industry Today

Cindy Bertram 

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